Low grade follicular lymphoma with t (14:18) presents a homogenous disease entity otherwise the rest comprises as minor groups of heterogeneous disease entities with BCL2 amplification, BCL6 translocation or other gene aberrances

Author(s): Guo Y, Karube K, Kawano R, Ohshima K


Follicular lymphomas (FL) are morphologically classified into grades 1, 2, 3a and 3b by the World Health Organization. Bcl2, Bcl6 and CD10 are phenotypic markers of FL while the Bcl2 t(14;18) and Bcl6 t(3q27) gene translocations are common genetic changes. However, to date, there has been no integrated analysis based on phenotype, grade and genotype from large numbers of FL cases. We graded 261 cases of FL and determined their phenotypes and gene alterations. According to the antigen markers and gene alterations of 147 cases, we classified FL into typical and the others types. The typical group, which includes 69% cases of FL, is characterized by low histological grade (grade 1, 2), coexpression of BCL2 and CD10 and Bcl2 gene translocation. The rest comprises a small part of low-grade FL without Bcl2 gene translocation and high-grade (grade 3a, 3b) FL. These FLs include some heterogeneous disease entities. They are characterized by high histological grade (87%), no definite expression of BCL2 or CD10 and several kinds of gene aberrances including Bcl2 translocation, Bcl6 translocation, Bcl2 amplification or other unknown gene abnormality. Our findings indicate that typical FL presents a homogeneous disease entity whereas the rest comprises heterogeneous diseases entities.

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