Molecular, cytogenetic and immune phenotypic characteristic of Follicular Lymphoma Grade 3B; A separate entity or a part of the spectrum of diffuse large B cell lymphoma or follicular lymphoma? Hum Pathol 37: 528-533

Author(s): Bosga-Bouwer AG, Den Berg AV, Haralambieva E, De Jong D, Boonstra R, et al.


We studied a histological homogeneous group of 29 cases with the diagnosis of follicular lymphoma (FL) grade 3B (FL3Bs). In a previous study, we subdivided this group in 3 subgroups based on (1) aberrations of the 3q27 region, (2) lack of 3q27 and t(14;18), and (3) the presence of a t(14;18). In this study, we further characterized the FL3B lymphomas that are currently part of the spectrum of FL in the WHO classification, taking into account other cytogenetical aberrations, immunohistochemistry for P53, bcl2, bcl6, and CD10, rearrangement of the proto-oncogene myc, and mutation of the tumor suppressor gene TP53. With respect to P53, bcl2, bcl6 expression, myc rearrangement, and TP53 mutation, FL3B represents a homogeneous group. CD10 expression and gain of chromosome 7, considered to be typical FL markers, were more common in the FL3B t(14;18)-positive subgroup. The lack of CD10 expression and gain of chromosome 7 in most cases in the other 2 subgroups suggest that those cases have a closer relation to diffuse large B-cell lymphomas.

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