Plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumor: Clinicopathologic analysis of 22 cases

Author(s): Remstein ED, Arndt CA, Nascimento AG


Giant cell tumor of soft tissue is a rare benign tumor of low malignant potential. It counterparts soft tissue bone tumor. Majority of cases are in extremities and to a lesser extent in other regions but rarely in head and neck. Here we report for the first time giant cell tumor of soft tissue in the ear. A 28 years old female presented with painless right ear mass slowly progressing over 2 months associated with discharge for 2 weeks. The condition was initially diagnosed as chronic otitis media. CT scan and Excisional biopsy was done. Microscopically, examination revealed multiple tumor nodules that diffusely infiltrate the soft tissue and covered partially by unremarkable epithelium. The nodules are composed of bland mononuclear cells, short spindle cells and osteoclast giant cells. The mononuclear and giant cells lack striking atypia. However; the mononuclear cells exhibit brisk mitotic activity. The tumor was completely excised and follow up was scheduled after 1 year.

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