Theory and Practice of Histotechnology

Author(s): Sheehan DC, Hrapchak BB


Aim of the Study: The primary aim of the study was to test the effect of 2,4,5-trimethoxy-1-propenylbenzene (alpha asarone), a hypocholes terolaemic drug, on the progression of collagen induced arthritis (CIA) in mice. Olive oil,the vehicle of alpha-asarone, and dexamethasonewere used as control treatments. Set-Up: Four groups of DBA/1 mice were immunised with chicken type II collagen (CII) via the intradermal route and either left untreated or were treated with alpha asarone, olive oil, or dexamethasone. A non-immunised group was an additional control. Follow-Up: The thicknesses of the rear and front footpads were continuously monitored, and the levels of anti-collagen antibodies were measured at the end of the experiment. The animals were then sacrificed, and their rear and front limbs were removed and processed forhistological examination. Results: Alpha asarone had no anti-inflammatory effect on CIA, and in one third of the animals, it showed a proinflammatory effect that was characterised by a marked accumulation of neutrophils. Olive oil did not show any obvious antiinflammatory effect on CIA, but it lowered the level of CII antibodies by 50%, suggesting a potential long-term antiinflammatory effect. As expected, dexamethasone had a clear anti-inflammatory effect on CIA. Con- clusion: Alpha asarone did not show any antiinflammatory effect on CIA in the mice under the above conditions; however, the accumulation of neutrophils in the CIA lesions of mice treated with alpha asarone and the effect of olive oil in downregulating the levels of anti-CII antibodies in CIA are two findings that warrant further investigation.

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