Vasospastic angina likely related to cisplatin-containing chemotherapy and thoracic irradiation for lung cancer

Author(s): Fukuda M, Oka M, Itoh N, Sakamoto T, Mori H, et al.


Vasospastic angina is rarely observed during cancer treatment. The present report describes two males with lung cancer, aged 73 and 61, who developed Vasospastic angina during combination treatment of cisplatin-containing chemotherapy and thoracic irradiation. As both patients have smoked and their ages are typical for patients with coronary artery disease, such events may be incidental. However, oncologists should be aware of the possible development of myocardial ischemia during or following administration of antineoplastic agents, especially in elderly patients with pre-existing coronary risk factors or a history of thoracic radiotherapy.
(Internal Medicine 38: 436-438, 1999)

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