Life quality of workers in machinery plants of Moscow region

Author(s): Liubchenko PN, Sorokina EV, Ian'shina EN


Questionnaires SF-36 and NJ-29 were used to examine 107 workers including 33 ones exposed to vibration, 27 ones - to various hazards mostly chemical, and 47 individuals without any exposure. Life quality corresponding to normal was pointed out by 80.4% of the examinees throughout the whole select, but the minimal one - by 75.8 % of the workers exposed to vibration. The latter group examinees had lower life quality in Pain scale (76 points), General Health scale (60.51), Vitality (63.3), Social functioning (72 points). In all the groups, psychic health was decreased, according to self-estimation of the examinees (69.01; 75.26; 71.92). The authors recommend inclusion of Questionnaire SF-36 into examination methods in periodic medical workups.

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