Expression of neuronal markers during NTera2/cloneD1 differentiation by cell aggregation method

Author(s): Megiorni F, Mora B, Indovina P, Mazzilli MC


Human teratocarcinoma NTera2/cloneD1 (NT2) cells are able to generate postmitotic neurons in response to retinoic acid (RA) and for this reason these cells provide an important tool to study human neurogenesis in vitro. We have obtained neurons by treating NT2 aggregated cells with RA for solely 14 days. RT-PCR assays showed that NT2 cells express mRNAs of several neural bHLH genes such as Hes1, Ngn1, Mash1, NeuroD, Math1 and Pax6, just in the early days of RA exposure. In particular, we reported for the first time that RA treatment was followed by a modulation of endogenous Ngn1 and Math1 transcripts. RT-PCR and Western blotting experiments also demonstrated expression of typical neuronal markers such as GluR, MAP2, Tau and NeuN. Knowledge of the expression pattern of the different neuronal genes during NT2 commitment could be used to investigate alterations in the molecular pathways involved in the human neuronal differentiation.

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