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Erythroid-specific expression of LIN28A is sufficient for robust gamma-globin gene and protein expression in adult erythroblasts

Author(s): Lee YT, de Vasconcellos JF, Byrnes C, Kaushal M, Miller JL


Increasing fetal hemoglobin (HbF) levels in adult humans remains an active area in hematologic research. Here we explored erythroid-specific LIN28A expression for its effect in regulating gamma-globin gene expression and HbF levels in cultured adult erythroblasts. For this purpose, lentiviral transduction vectors were produced with LIN28A expression driven by erythroid-specific gene promoter regions of the human KLF1 or SPTA1 genes. Transgene expression of LIN28A with a linked puromycin resistance marker was restricted to the erythroid lineage as demonstrated by selective survival of erythroid colonies (greater than 95% of all colonies). Erythroblast LIN28A over-expression (LIN28A-OE) did not significantly affect proliferation or inhibit differentiation. Greater than 70% suppression of total let-7 microRNA levels was confirmed in LIN28A-OE cells. Increases in gamma-globin mRNA and protein expression with HbF levels reaching 30–40% were achieved. These data suggest that erythroblast targeting of LIN28A expression is sufficient for increasing fetal hemoglobin expression in adult human erythroblasts.

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