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Identifying salt stress responsive transcripts from Roselle (Hibiscus subdariffa L) roots by differential display

Author(s): Mohamed BB, Shaheed MN, Rashid B, Jamal A, Aftab B, et al.


No previous study has been reported on the salt-modulated gene(s) of roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.). Identifying the potentially novel transcripts responsible for salt stress tolerance in roselle will increase knowledge of the molecular mechanism underlying salt stress responses. In this study, differential display reverse transcriptase PCR (DDRT-PCR) was used to compare the overall differences in gene expression between salt-stressed and control plants. A total of 81 primer combinations were used and false positive clones were rejected during a screening and quality control assay. The remaining nine cDNA transcript fragments were extracted from the gel, reamplified, cloned and sequenced. A homology search revealed that four transcripts showed significant homology with known genes. Out of five transcripts, real-time PCR demonstrated that four exhibited high expression in salt-stressed root tissues relative to the control and one transcript was down-regulated. These transcripts may be useful for improving tolerance in salt stress-sensitive plants.

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