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Knowledge management technologies and applications-Literature review from 1995 to 2002

Author(s): Liao SH


This paper surveys knowledge management (KM) development using a literature review and classification of articles from 1995 to 2002 with keyword index in order to explore how KM technologies and applications have developed in this period. Based on the scope of 234 articles of knowledge management applications, this paper surveys and classifies KM technologies using the seven categories as: KM framework, knowledge-based systems, data mining, information and communication technology, artificial intelligence/expert systems, database technology, and modeling, together with their applications for different research and problem domains. Some discussion is presented, indicating future development for knowledge management technologies and applications as the followings: (1) KM technologies tend to develop towards expert orientation, and KM applications development is a problem-oriented domain. (2) Different social studies methodologies, such as statistical method, are suggested to implement in KM as another kind of technology. (3) Integration of qualitative and quantitative methods, and integration of KM technologies studies may broaden our horizon on this subject. (4) The ability to continually change and obtain new understanding is the power of KM technologies and will be the application of future works.

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