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Querying semi-structured data

Author(s): Abiteboul S


data integration is an old topic, the need to integrate a wider variety of data-formats (e.g., SGML or ASN.1 data) and data found on the Web has broughtthe topic of semi-structured data to the forefront of research.The main purp ose of the pap er is to isolate the essential asp ects of semi-structured data. We also survey some prop osals of mo dels and query languagesfor semi-structured data. In particular, we consider recent works at Stanford U.and U. Penn on semi-structured data. In b oth cases, the motivation is found inthe integration of heterogeneous data. The \lightweight" data mo dels they use(based on lab elled graphs) are very similar.As we shall see, the topic of semi-structured data has no precise b oundary.Furthermore, a theory of semi-structured data is still missing.

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