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Receptor-like kinases and receptor-like proteins: keys to pathogen recognition and defense signaling in plant innate immunity

Author(s): Yang X, Deng F, Ramonell KM


Plants have evolved multiple layers of defense against various pathogens in the environment. Receptor-like kinases/proteins (RLKs/RLPs) are on the front lines of the battle between plants and pathogens since they are present at the plasma membrane and perceive signature molecules from either the invading pathogen or damaged plant tissue. With a few notable exceptions, most RLKs/RLPs are positive regulators of plant innate immunity. In this review, we summarize recently discovered RLKs/RLPs that are involved in plant defense responses against various classes of pathogens.We also describe what is currently known about the mechanisms of RLK-mediated initiation of signaling via protein-protein interactions and phosphorylation.

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