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Thestrobilurins new antifungal antibiotics from the basidiomyceteStrobilurustenacellus (Pers

Author(s): Anke T, Oberwinkler F, Steglich W, Schramm G


The strobilurins are two antifungal antibiotics which were isolated from the mycelium of Strobilurus tenacellus strain No. 21602. The strobilurins A and B are highly active against yeasts and filamentous fungi. In vitro antitumor activity was tested using cells of the ascitic form of EHRLICH carcinoma. The strobilurins strongly inhibited the incorporation of radioactive leucine, uridine, and thymidine into the acid-insoluble fraction of cells (protein, RNA, and DNA). The molecular formulas as determined by high resolution mass spectrometry are C16H18O3 for strobilurin A and C17H19C1O4 for strobilurin B.

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